Web Host’s Server Blew Up

So sometime in late August I noticed this site was down. (I hadn’t found time to post much during the summer.) So anyway, at that time I try to log into the control panel for the site to see what the scoop was – and of course that was down too. So I contacted the hosting company, and they informed me that my box had blown up or something and they were transistioning everyone’s stuff over to a new box – that it would be a couple days, perhaps, until everyone was up again. Well, either when the old box blew up, or when the transition happened, my MySQL databases got corrupted. They came over to the new box in a corrupted state.

Luckily I had taken some backups at some point (not as often as I should have, or will in the future). LONG STORY short, after MUCH back and forth with the hosting company I was finally able to get them to delete my databases so I could rebuild. (For some reason I could do nothing to the corrupted ones that were in place, not even delete them.) Consequently, the site has been down for quite a while. Moral of the story is backup your hosted stuff often!

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