Software Bugs Can Really Hurt

Ok, so I was stranded last Sunday at Newark International Airport in New Jersey for about 6.5 hours. Thats not soooo bad but what makes it worse is that I had just gotten off a plane that I had been on for about 9 hours prior…I was, maybe, a little irritable to begin with…I had been traveling for like 16 hours and now I had to spend another half a day killing time in a frantic, crowded airport!! Anyway, guess why I was stuck there? Someone’s software bug. Yup – someone adding two lines somewhere and I would have been home at 6pm as opposed to a ragged 1:30am. 


Apparently, somewhat recently, someone in the U.S. decided that if we pushed Daylight Savings Time ahead a few weeks, we would save a bunch of energy. (I am all for green, both environmentally and the kind that goes in my pocket, by the way.) Anyway, Germany (Europe in general?) hasn’t gotten the memo yet – or they don’t agree. So, when we booked our flights on Orbitz, the software dutifully found us a flight from Frankfurt to Detroit, connecting in Newark, NJ. When you come into the U.S. from abroad you have to go through customs – you and your bags. That means you have to wait for the baggage fellas to get your stuff off the plane and send it though the system while you check your watch waiting in front of those baggage carousel dealies. Anyway, the whole process is supposed to take less than 1.5 hours. Orbitz didn’t get the memo that something has changed with DST – apparently neither did Continental Airlines (or me until it was too late). We had half an hour – our place was probably gone before our bags were off the last one. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with this issue because Newark was a zoo (I HOPE its not always like that), everything was delayed (except apparently our outbound flight). It was chaos. Two lines of code somewhere…

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