Trek through Europe

I just got back from a two week trek through Europe – traveling with my wife and another couple. We started in Frankfurt, stopped for a night in the beautiful ‘olde town’ part of Heidlberg.


From there we headed off to the Czech Republic, to one of my previous favorite spots, Prague. Unfortunately, Prague has become a little more touristy than I remembered it..and with that, more expensive. It is no longer insanely inexpensive – bummer. It still has the Eastern European feel that you don’t get in many major cities any longer – but it has lost something in my mind. From CZ we headed source to Austria stopping for an evening in Linz before getting on an overnight train to Venice. Spending a full day (not night) in Venice is great. I felt like we saw everything we needed to before heading down to a smaller city on the easter Italian coast called Rimini. From what I can tell, Rimini is a hopping place in the summer – its on the sea – and there are a bunch of oceanfront-resort-looking stuff three. It was too cold for the water however.


We treked next to Rome, a great place for sightseeing – so much history. From there we headed into Tuscany, stopping at a neat town, somewhat off the beaten path, called Lucca. Oh, did I mention the great vino in Italy… After Lucca, we stopped in Florence for dinner and briefly checked out the sights. There is more to Florence than I gave it credit for last time. Next on to Switzerland – overnight from Florence – to Lucerne. Beautiful place, and I was really struck by how orderly and clean everything was. Lucerne has a bunch of history too, we visited a ver cool (high tech too) museum there. Then on to Paris for a couple days. Paris is great, and I think it has gotten better since I was there some years ago. This time, the line for the Lourve was non-existant which was great. More on Europe later maybe.

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